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reptiles & amphibians




Follow the links above for pages on birds, mammals and herptiles. Little information is currently available on the freshwater or marine fish of Thásos but a page will be added when further details are located. A starting point for anyone interested in the variety of fish species of Thásos might be the photographic guides published by Batjakas & Economakis (1995) and Sfikas (1998.

Zogaris & Vlami (2011) report the discovery of Orpheus Chubb Squalius orpheus in the Lake Marion reservoir and the stream which flows through it.



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Zogaris, S. & Vlami, B. 2011. Proposals ecotourism promotion to maintain Thassos coastal biodiversity. Unpublished report to the Municipality of Thassos and Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. 25pp. Athens.







Spur-thighed tortoise