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ant-like flower beetles


jewel beetles (Buprestidae) ground beetles (Carabidae) longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae) leaf beetles Chrysomelidae ladybirds (Coccinellidae)
checkered beetles etc. (Cleroidea) carpet beetles (Dermestidae)

click beetles


aquatic beetles (Gyrinidae etc) blister beetles (Meloidae) flower beetles (Oedemeridae) spider beetles (Ptinidae) primitive weevils (Rhynchitidae etc.)
chafers etc. (Scarabaeoidea) darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae)



There is little information available on the ladybirds of Thásos. The only records previously published appear to be those of Karnozickij (1959), who recorded six species in October 1942 and May 1943. My own collecting has added a further twenty-three species to the island list and I am grateful to Dr Roger Booth for the majority of the identifications. Two taxa are only provisionally identified. There will undoubtedly be more species to be found on Thásos  but so far I have not found any literature to enable the island's known fauna to be put into context. Oertzen (1886) lists 52 species for Greece (although there will have been many additions since), whilst Kreissl (1995) reports on ladybirds recorded on the Ionian island of Zakynthos in September 1991 and lists twelve species. The exotic ladybird Harmonia axyridis has not been reported from Thásos, although hundreds of thousands were released in southern Greece between 1994 and 1999 for biological control purposes. These populations did not survive and it seems that southern Greece, at least, is unsuitable for Harmonia (Kontodimas et al 2007).


There is no key available to identify the ladybirds of Greece, but many of the traditional ladybirds (Coccinellini) recorded are widely distributed across Europe and hence covered by a variety of identification guides. Tetrabrachys creticus, however, is a south-eastern species reported from Greece and Asia Minor. Tetrabrachys (=Lithophilus)  species are covered by Iablokoff-Khnzorian (1974) whilst Fürsch et al (1967) present a taxonomic revision of the European species of Scymnus s.str.  


Adalia bipunctata (L.)

Adalia 10-punctata (L.)

Clitostethus arcuatus (Rossi)

Coccidula rufa (Herbst)

Coccinella 7-punctata L.

Coccinulla 14-pustulata (L.)

Chilocorus bipustulatus (L.)

Exochomus flavipes Thunberg

Exochomus quadripustulatus L.

Harmonia quadripunctata (Pontoppidan)

Hippodamia (Adonia) variegata (Goeze)

Myrrha 18-guttata (L.)

Nephus bipunctatus Kugel

Nephus ludyi Weise

Nephus quadrimaculatus (Herbst)

Propylea 14-punctata (L.)

Psyllobora 22-punctata (L.)

Rhyzobius lophanthae (Blaisdell)

Scymnus auritus Thunberg

Scymnus frontalis (Fabricius)

Scymnus ?pallipediformis Gunther

Scymnus rubromaculatus (Goeze)

Scymnus subvillosus (Goeze)

Scymnus suturalis Thunberg

Stethorus ?gilvifrons (Mulsant)

Subcoccinella 24-punctata (L.)

Tetrabrachys creticus (Reitter)

Tytthaspis 16-punctata L.

Vibidia 12-guttata (Poda)




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