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vascular plants







Blasia pusillaSystematic recording of mosses and liverworts in Greece lacks the long tradition of study applied to the vascular plant flora and it is therefore not surprising that no bryophyte records from Thásos were included in Flora Aegaea (Baumgartner 1943). The first modern bryophyte checklists for Greece (Preston 1981, 1984a&b) present species accounts based on regions and do not contain any locality information. In fact, knowledge of the bryophyte flora of Thásos rests largely on the efforts of Enno Damm and Ruprecht Düll (Damm 1989; Damm & Düll 1995), who undertook surveys on the island in 1988 and 1994 respectively. Their checklist of the bryophyte flora, incorporating records from Townsend (1977), includes 33 liverwort and 142 moss species. Düll (1995) lists 152 liverworts and 455 mosses for Greece and there are presumably many more bryophyte species still to be recorded on Thásos.

None of the liverwort species currently known from the island appear to be particularly rare but two taxa, Cephalozia hampeana and Marchantia polymorpha var. aquatica, have not been reported elsewhere in Greece according to Düll (1995). Similarly with the mosses, where Ditrichum cylindricum and Trichostomum brachydontium var.  cuspidatum are known in Greece only from Thásos (Düll 1995).



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