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vascular plants







Fungal fruiting bodies appear to be distinctly scarce on Thásos in summer - away from woodland habitats this Inkcap at the edge of the dry Dipotamos riverbed is the only mushroom I can recall seeing. Nor do there appear to be any fruiting bodies of bracket fungi on the ancient pines or chestnuts on the island, although moribund poplars at Skala Potamias do have large Inonotus sporocarps. However, under the shade of the woodland canopy fungi can be found in small numbers in many localities during the summer, particularly where there is some moisture alongside streambanks.

Warm autumn rains do apparently bring out mushrooms and toadstools and in October 2002 Mervin Nethercoat identified Marasmius oreades, Marasmius curryii and Collybia dryophila on the outskirts of Thassos Town and Crinipellis stipitarius betwen Panagia and Limenas. A Marasmius growing on Kermes oak Quercus coccifera leaves was provisionally identified as M. corbariensis. He also saw unidentified examples of Mycena, Agaricus and Inocybe during his stay on the island.

There is an interesting website containing images of Mushrooms and Fungi of Thrace, but I have not found any literature on the fungi of Thásos and information would be welcomed.